What do you think of America?

Posted by the listening project on Friday, August 10th, 2007

We are still listening and want to hear from you, through your videos, photos, writing, and more. This where you can express your opinion and thoughts. The listening continues…

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98 Responses to “What do you think of America?”

  1. On August 20th, 2007 at 2:41 pm, Srini said:

    Have you been to Pakistan? It would be interesting to hear views of Pakistani people on U.S.

  2. On September 2nd, 2007 at 11:37 pm, Robert T said:

    We would like to see more support from the US for Zimbabwe. Right now it is only China and the US is only pressuring us, not doing anything to help promote democracy

  3. On September 2nd, 2007 at 11:41 pm, habib said:

    US & NATO are helping bring Taliban back to AFghanistan. Only Pakistan can be pleased! I want Americans and also Canadians and English to understand this. US must do what Afghan people want. Also in Iraq!

  4. On September 16th, 2007 at 10:43 pm, Jane Julian said:

    Please contact me to submit your film to the Durango Independent Film Festival! I am completely intrigued!!!

  5. On September 26th, 2007 at 5:00 am, Dustin St.Wright said:

    I love

  6. On September 29th, 2007 at 7:52 pm, bob S said:

    Just saw your film at the NBPT film festival and loved it. You captured fragments of the complexity of how the US is viewed and the changing world perspective toward the United States. I asked about distribution and was disappointed to hear how challenging this process is. It would be a sad paradox if ” The Listening Project” could not be listened to. Perhaps grass roots building would help. I am sure there is an audience waiting to appreciate this gem. I am sure you have already planned to submit to the large fim festivals that will take place over the next 10 months. I lived in Spain for 5 years and return often. I am know that Europeans would be drawn to a documentary of this nature. I did leave with a kind of sadness as the film pushed me to reflect on the “declining” state of our nation. It is no surprise however, that such a perspective would come from international eyes and not from within. Such a reflecting mirror will hopefully generate self-reflection
    Thank you for your work!

  7. On October 2nd, 2007 at 11:52 pm, Thomas said:

    Looks amazing! Introduced through Dustin Hoskovec. The trailer is awesome, can’t wait to see the film!

  8. On October 4th, 2007 at 8:13 pm, celia Alario said:

    this is amazing and important and I hope that you can continue to create a space for more dialogue!

  9. On November 11th, 2007 at 9:04 pm, Sheila said:

    I spent the summer in Istanbul, Turkey teaching English. The Turks love Americans in general, but so dislike Bush and how the govenment operates. I was an amazing experience to see the other side and eye opening.

  10. On November 12th, 2007 at 3:07 am, Nick Gulotta said:

    When I first saw this project I was so taken back by the views and the sincerity of listeners that it really forced me to question in a way that I’ve never before how the rest of the will think of my actions as an American. You’ve illustrated to me just how much potential we have to change. And as an American I am so filled with hope that we will begin to listen to the others.

  11. On November 17th, 2007 at 1:42 pm, Chris Erwin said:

    I am an American from Wichita, Kansas and very proud of it. I love my country. I love the ideals of political equality, government of,for,and by the people, freedom, hard work, strong character, and diversity that America is supposed to represent. Notice that I said supposed to represent. At this time I don’t think we do represent those ideals and it kills me every second of everyday. I am haunted by reality in America. I am only 25 years old, but even in that short time I have watched my country descend into hell faster and faster with each passing year. Our education system is in shambles, our streets are filled with violence, our hearts our filled with hate, our children are abused in every imaginable way by those who are supposed to love them the most, our government is broken, our spirits our broken. We have lost our way. We have always been a nation of contradictions. We created a government of, for, and by the people but then enslaved many of them, denied the right to vote to many more, then created a plutocracy and called it democracy. Ever since the beginning our leaders have always said one thing and done another. We committed genocide against Native Americans because we were too afraid of trying to live in peace with such a different culture. We enslaved Blacks because we could make more money doing it. Besides that, we have been in an almost constant state of war since the American Revolution. The wars with the Native Americans, War of 1812, conflicts with pirates, Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, conflicts in support of the Chineese Communists and Nationalists against the Japanese in the 1930’s, World War II, Korean War, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam War, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, support of the various peoples(not always the good guys) in conflicts during the Cold War, Gulf War, Somalia, Hati, Bosnia, Afghanastan, Iraq, and all the little wars in between. We have created a million reasons why we had to invade this country, “defend” that country’s freedom, or “spread” democracy all around the world. Well, we have never really been good at democracy have we. We have caused more problems then we have solved and that sickens me. I know, as many Americans do, that you can’t promote democracy at the point of a gun. Our leaders on the other hand have never really felt the same. In fact, they have never really wanted to spread democracy anyway. Not in this country and certainly not in others. If you read your history you will see how our foreign and domestic policy has been shaped almost entirely by business interests, greed, lust for power, and revenge. Like I said before the way this country is today sickens me. It absolutely breaks my heart. In my heart, I can feel the pain all across this country and around the world. But even with all of our problems we can still be the country that represents all of those ideals I spoke of before. We can be the America we have always wanted to be, but we must do it together as a unified nation. We need leaders. We don’t just need good leaders, or descent leaders. WE NEED GREAT LEADERS and we need them NOW! Our generation needs to step up to the plate and get elected into public office in every position we possibly can. I personally will be getting involved to make this country better through my businesses and through politics. I beg anyone who reads this to get involved too. Don’t just vote, don’t just watch the debates, don’t just protest, don’t just talk about doing something, ACTUALLY DO IT! At the end of the day, despite all the problems, I still love my country deeply and I ain’t gonna give up on her yet!

  12. On November 28th, 2007 at 12:03 pm, Jim Adamik said:

    Please send me USA film tour information.

  13. On December 14th, 2007 at 3:13 pm, Jen Nemo said:

    I just saw The Listening Project debut in Minneapolis last night at the Oak Street Cinema and was emotionally moved by the film and its story narrative. I spent one year abroad in Shantou China, at Shantou University where I taught English literature and speech to Chinese college students, so I was able to identify with some of the viewpoints that the Chinese have towards the US, because of the close interaction I had with students on a daily basis when we sometimes discussed American politics outside of class at lunch or dinner.

    I think this film will motivate people on a global level to seek out and actively pursue an interest in other cultures, since the world is our community.

    Most importantly, this film will help to continue the dialogue Americans have had outside of government, about the state of the world, and how each individual can make a difference - whatever country or culture - in helping all the diverse cultures co-exist in harmony with each other.

    Dominic and Joel - The Listening Project is a timely film that is important to the state of world affairs today. Kudos to you and all who were involved from its inception to its creation. Its a real gift to the film community and the rest of the world needs to see this film. Congratulations and good luck with it.

    -Jen Nemo

  14. On December 18th, 2007 at 9:28 pm, Jeffrey Abramson said:

    thank you for making this movie. the world thanks you.

  15. On January 5th, 2008 at 11:45 am, laurelle blair said:

    Thank you, thank you for bringing the truth. Contact me — I can help you get a screening in DC!

  16. On January 15th, 2008 at 1:26 am, Emily said:

    Beautiful work. I saw the MN screening back in December.
    I’d love to share it with more people… bringing it back to MN?

  17. On January 20th, 2008 at 12:43 am, shawn said:

    “the new world” has helped to push the exponential evolutionary advancement of our reality. i am swimming in it; playing with all the material toys that our technology has brought us. most of us americans live like comparative kings, with dry beds, clean water, and food delivered from around the world to every city. our biggest problem is trying to find the best way to amuse ourselves with our free time. it is amazing and i truly appreciate my chance to be alive, experiencing this moment in time. it could all be over less than five years from now in 2012, but does that even matter?

  18. On January 28th, 2008 at 5:02 pm, Vickie said:

    Will there be more screenings. Some of us in Colorado would be very interested in what this film has to say. Thank you for making such a film, and sharing it.

  19. On January 29th, 2008 at 7:09 pm, Scott Ciaglaski said:

    The USA seems to be a large passive following. So few at the top govern so many at the bottom yet there is still very little mutiny among the ranks.

    The federal reserve has Americans enslaved, and the Terrorist Scare has people, much like communists or witches, afraid to stand up for their own civil liberties.

    Yet there is still a similarity between our government and our people. They sacrifice our lives and we sacrifice our lives for the keeping of our own imprisonment.

    Good luck with this project.

  20. On February 12th, 2008 at 1:45 am, Anthony said:

    I watched your film at the Oxford Film Fest and loved it! It was great! How could I go about getting a DVD copy?

  21. On February 12th, 2008 at 5:54 am, James Moore said:

    I absoultely love the idea behind this film and I can’t help but be absoutely amazed at how enlightening this film looks. But, I have to wonder, If you included countries like Japan (where they talk about 50,000 American troops being stationed) how can you not include Germany (with nearly 65,000 US military personel stationed there) in your documentary with it being the heart of Europe? I believe that getting their perspective of America is just as important as someone from Japan or France. Please let me know why you didn’t include them?



  22. On February 16th, 2008 at 10:44 am, John Kesich said:

    I would like information about arranging a screening. Couldn’t find a relevant link on the website. Judging by some of the other comments, I am not alone.

  23. On February 20th, 2008 at 7:46 am, JoJami Tyler said:

    thanks for listening. Lets hope that we are ready to hear and make change.

  24. On February 21st, 2008 at 1:20 am, Michael Gray said:

    Having lived abroad with my family more than once, I have learned first hand the value of being more than an American, but a citizen of the world. And after watching the trailer, I am excited to know that you have captured a message so powerful that it will awaken other Americans as well to this world. Thank you for making this film! As well, I want to know how to get a copy when you are at that point. I would love to show this or segments as part of the “Citizenship in the world” merit badge for my scouts. Thanks again.

  25. On February 22nd, 2008 at 4:37 am, Jinnyn said:

    This is a wonderful project and I want to share it with my students in Qatar. How can we view the film and get involved?

  26. On February 26th, 2008 at 11:13 am, josh t franco said:

    Please come to Texas.

  27. On March 1st, 2008 at 11:01 am, Hunter Dufrane said:

    I viewed this film in one of my classes at Bentley College. I thought that it was one of the most profound films I have ever seen and I want to share it with all of my freinds and family. Where/When/ How can I get a copy of the film to show to them?

  28. On March 4th, 2008 at 2:34 pm, Abigail Opoku-Agyemang said:

    America has been given a life of it’s own. It is nothing but land. I don’t see how people love Americans but hate America. What did the physical land ever do to anybody. It is the politics of the land that are corrupt. There are people who will never forgive Nazi surviving soldiers for the Holocaust or forgive Germany. Yet no one talks about America’s genocide with the Trail of Tears. It should be called the trail of blood. Always criticizing other countries and waiting until the las to moment to stand. How many people must die in Sudan in order for America to intervene? This country goes into places where they are not wanted and stay away from places where they are not only wanted but needed as well. Bin Laden was in Afghanistan. The 9/11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia. Where the hell did Iraq enter into the equation. At least the people had running water and food under Saddam. Now they have nothing. They have corrupted soldiers. America wants to go liberate the world but there are millions of immigrants here and you want them deported. There are people fighting, breaking laws to live here and you are sending them back to their turmoil and you want international support? You don’t want me on your land. Even though I have been here 20 years, worked, NEVER got into trouble, have 3 American born babies and you still send me back. When my babies grow up and rebel against this so-called land of the brave and free, blame yourself AMERICA. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I guess that’s why people still say America the beautiful.

  29. On March 6th, 2008 at 10:51 am, Jenny said:

    I loved your film, and was incredibly impressed with the discussion that was kicked off with my students at Endicott College as a result. Thank you for providing this amazing work for the community and good luck getting the conversation sarted in many other places.

  30. On March 8th, 2008 at 3:38 pm, Leah said:

    After studying in another country (Ireland) for 4 months I began to learn that other countries have different opinions of the US. I enjoyed the film as I was able to see the different thoughts of many countries that the US impacts everyday. Thank You.

  31. On March 9th, 2008 at 9:30 am, Jill Vickers said:

    It was great to see so many students at the showing and discussion at Middlebury College March 5. The experience energized the notion of citizen of the world for me, a baby boomer. I’d like to mobilize my fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to make this matter to each of us in our daily decisions. It gave me hope that the USA can in my lifetime become a nation of restraint. Thanks for coming to the hinterlands with it!

  32. On March 10th, 2008 at 2:43 pm, Sabine Mendes said:

    I think America is the center of a system that is dying and when it does, the people from this country who do not believe in its policies and do not believe in its lifestyle being based on the exploitation of others must be ready and rebuild their nation as a place in which we can find an effort towards the world. America´s history is the craddle of its own contradiction: a promised land for immigrants and people who could not openly celebrate their faith became the nation who limits other people´s freedom of action, speech and depends upon their poverty and ignorance. If this basic contradiction is not solved, there will be no future for this nation not only because it will face political and economic bankrupcy, but also, and mainly, because the human consciousness is active and need to be useful and solidary: therefore, its own sons and daughters will have to find a coherent way of changing things. We are all human, we need to fight together!

    PS. It would be wonderful to have a copy of your movie to present in my high school classes. I am an English teacher and we are precisely talking about this topic: What does the world think about Americans and we have included what does the world think about Brazilians…

  33. On March 21st, 2008 at 6:59 pm, NNicholas Jasionisnnnn/;ie4yrf;/Nicholas said:

    I am an American, I am a Soldier, I am a Police Officer. I love this country and I am willing to die for YOUR FREEDOM!

  34. On March 21st, 2008 at 7:01 pm, Peter Perea said:

    America is an idea, and like all ideas, can be seen in different lights. I love all people, but even I feel shame with the actions, thoughts, and words of many who have come to represent regular American citizens like myself. I am greatful for all I have, but sometimes I think I’d rather live in a place without guilt, than live here and feel responsible for all that happens in my name. We are all just human.

  35. On March 21st, 2008 at 8:18 pm, Camille Smith said:

    I want to buy this documentary, i want it to show everyone cause i think everyone should see it! where can i buy it

  36. On March 22nd, 2008 at 11:48 am, Zak said:

    I think America is a country whose government is trying to hide is actions both at home and abroad from its citizens. Spending money the way the administration wants not the way the tax payers want their money spent. BEHIND as a hole in automobile tech to the point where our big 3 automakers are worthless.

  37. On March 30th, 2008 at 6:16 pm, Erik said:

    I think that the USA seems to harbour a lot of collective emotions. Fear, anxiety, paranoia, anger, hatredn disappointment. And these emotions trigger emotions in other nations. Again, fair, anger and disappointment. People want to live in peace, but it’s not easy in a world where the media talks about dangers lurking behind every bush. So, people arm themselves. They wait, they worry, although they know deep down that it likely won’t happen to them. Some would always be quick to exploit emotions, whether it was through commercials that sold anything from vacuum cleaners to bathing suits, or politicians playing the big drum of fear for political gain. Such is also the USA, a nation that is responding to its own emotions, its deepest thoughts. There’s something almost primordial about it. Catchy slogans, flashy images and music to accompany it. A nation grown up to respond to catch phrases. What will become of them? Maybe the USA is too commercial, too preoccupied with effectiveness, consumerism and making an easy buck. Maybe it’s based on the deepest wishes or emotions of people, or the lies they were told through the TV screen or in the magazines? Or maybe people can’t seperate what they want from what they’re told they want?

  38. On March 31st, 2008 at 10:35 pm, PAUL TUTOR said:


  39. On April 4th, 2008 at 5:19 pm, jason said:

    How do we view/buy the film?

  40. On April 9th, 2008 at 3:49 pm, jason said:

    Please, provide instructions on how to view/buy the film?

  41. On April 11th, 2008 at 5:01 pm, jason said:

    Can you please provide instructions on how to view/buy the film?

  42. On April 23rd, 2008 at 2:56 pm, Bill Johnson said:

    Something special is happening in Anerica. People from around the globe have gathered in one place an created a country more powerful than any in recorded histroy. Whether that power is used for good or evil in the world is yet to be seen. As we speak, the people of America are deciding that question.

  43. On November 29th, 2009 at 12:42 am, Michael Gilbert said:

    I enjoyed the documentary and much of the comments from various folks around the world matches what I have seen with my own eyes when I have been overseas.

    However, I believe the film’s great strength was also its weakness. Obviously, the film’s theme and promise was to hear what folks around the world had to say about America.
    But, that very theme shapes the answer that you are going to get. Most problems that exist in Russia, Tanzania, India, France, China, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, and Canada have at least as much to do with the people and the government of those countries as they do with America. The idea for this film informs and highlights the fact that American policy or business interests also play a role in ALL of those countries. And, if that were the main take away then I believe that this documentary would be spot on. However, the way the question was asked and the theme of the film predetermines a response that is focused ONLY on half the problem.

    I do not wish to give the impression that the film was bad. Far from it. I believe that several of the men and women interviewed in various countries responded that part of the problems rested with “their” response to American culture and business. And, I believe as long as people look to America as either a scapegoat or a savior they are going to be sorely disappointed.

    Having said all that, I agree with the young man in Russia who drew an analogy between today’s America and the Roman Empire. Likewise, I agree with the young South African man who compared us with Julius Caesar and the then Roman Republic. But, we as Americans (who SO… don’t know our own history) should understand where we went wrong. We forgot the lessons of history that our founding fathers worked so hard to incorporate into our Constitution. And, I do want to point out that the word “democracy” was thrown around a lot during this film. That also betrays either ignorance or misreading of history. Our “redeeming” ourselves as a country will not come from some sort of democracy or socialist state as envisioned and realized by many of the first world countries outside of the United States. It will come from remembering our own heritage.

    I believe that America’s greatness was in the simplicity of our republic and we have not heeded the warnings of our founding fathers concerning entanglements in foreign affairs. I will be much happier when we get back to dealing with our own affairs, even if that requires a simpler life and lower standard of living.

    BTW, my experience overseas was military in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Somalia, Haiti, Spain. And despite what most of you may think we tried to do as much good as we were able. One thing is for sure, a lot of people do not want our help. As the gentlemen from Africa wanted to know where the US was in Burundi/Rwanda or Darfur the answer is simple. After trying to feed people in Somalia, being resisted by the government who derived most of their power by fear and terror, fired on by the tribes/people supporting that government, we ended up in a firefight killing hundreds/thousands of Somali’s and over twenty Americans. Unfortunately, the lesson we took away from that was that we will help you as long as the casualties don’t get too high.

  44. On December 3rd, 2009 at 8:56 pm, SMAD said:

    America to me is not honest with itself. We spend billions of dollars on wars that are unjust, support real terrorist like Israel who repeatedly violate international law. Then the government doesn’t want you to know the truth, our education system is lacking as well as our health care system all in the name of keeping the corporation in power. The treat immigrants like criminals. They should remember the fall of Rome when the barbarians aka the common folks toppled the government.

  45. On December 23rd, 2009 at 4:19 am, gerald said:

    Love this movie!

  46. On December 26th, 2009 at 12:51 pm, Bobby Jackson said:

    I haven’t seen the film, yet i am intrigued to see it. However from your message boards alone it is ridiculous to see people say some of the things they truly believe. Americans and Non-americans alike. To react and share their opinions on matters that they do not even have all the information on. Of course i am not saying people shouldn’t share their opinions, but doesn’t it seem more like ignorance to share an opinion about a topic that people lack all the information about? or even most? A topic that is truly biased no matter what side you stand on? Like any government they are run by People, Humans, that are required to act and make decisions on incomplete information daily, and yes this is bound to spark criticism, but the fact of the matter is is that you cannot make one decision without it being considered wrong by someone, no issue is Black and White. There is no Good and Evil, Right or Wrong, atleast not so clearly defined. Instead of taking to negative approach to decision making (criticism) we all need to take the positive approach, which is getting involved, less talking more action.

  47. On January 1st, 2010 at 8:00 pm, Jasper Fradkin said:

    I am here on this site after having just watched the film in question. It was very possibly the most moving film I have ever watched - this being said, I have chosen to watch thousands of documentary films instead of a college education, a work still in progress, so I have a large database to compare in this judgement.
    The only other film that comes to mind in this arena is one I watched about the fate of North Korean refugees seeking Asylum in Mongolia, having been denied it in China.

    Because I do live in the place in question, I feel it’s difficult to form my own personal opinion, and keep it honest.
    No matter how many films, programs, AlJazeera segments, and whatever else I see in which citizens of other nations are interviewed, I feel one thing more than anything else: we are so painfully ignorant and xenophobic that it almost strikes me that perhaps we are stricken as a society with cultural autism. No matter their income level, no matter what country these people live in, I sense that 99 out of 100 people in America will know less about them (even Canadians) than they know about each other and about us by the time they can talk.
    The way most Americans think about Sarah Palin is similar to what most Americans are relative to everyone else.

    The fact that we waste doesn’t bother me so much. My main concern is that most of us don’t even know that we waste, because we have no concept of what life without waste is like. I constantly get the feeling that we are the only nation in which income level can determine more than lifestyle. I could be wrong, but when I see child slaves in Central America (in a film) working 18 hours a day that know more about the world than I do…self-explanatory sentence there.

    I also consistently see that my country has one ideological ally, Israel. Not only in but not excluding this film, you see the Israelis acting as though their lives are worth more, that, to take this film as an example, the Israelis living in fear of an attack ought somehow to be more emotionally compelling than their enemies living in not just fear but constant realization of this fear, and that this realization has been artifically engineered by Israel.

    By my bloodline, from all corners of my family tree I qualify for Israel’s so-called right of return - I am, 100%, of Jewish descent. This doesn’t affect my allegiance with those who are oppressed, in this case my ethnicity’s enemies. But my anti-Zionism seems to come with a cost - the cost of hating myself, not as a Jew but as an American, without knowing it, because our nations share in the attitude that I only seem to be able to hate when I see it from a third-person view.

    I wish I knew what to do about that.
    Among my friends, relatives, and in my community I consider myself among the most educated on factual foreign policy, but I still worry that I could pick, at random, a starving five year old child from any “third-world” nation and he/she would still be the teacher; I the student.
    And even though I don’t have a solution, I rarely meet another American who even desires one.
    I don’t know what to do about this either.

  48. On January 5th, 2010 at 9:49 am, kwens said:

    For democrecy,America,a place of people’s voice can be heard. For the rest of world, America earned and consumed too much

  49. On January 12th, 2010 at 10:21 pm, Steph Simmons said:

    I am an American and I love my country. But I also have been more and more concerned over the years with how we interact with the world. I’d also just like to say that constructive criticism can be an act of love. The Declaration of Independence says, “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” These words have not ceased to be true. I wonder often what the Founding Fathers would think of our country if they could see it now. There are some really wonderful attributes to the US. But there are some really terrible ones as well. No government or organization that is filled with people will be without its flaws. But no one has the power to effect the world like we do either. “To whom much has been given, much will be expected” - Jesus

  50. On January 18th, 2010 at 6:35 am, Edith said:

    I think that the people in the film are right. We do live in this littel bubble in this country. We don’t think of the people of the world or how they live. The film was great and hope that we will all learn to listen.

  51. On January 27th, 2010 at 8:49 pm, Ron Boyer said:

    As an American I want to thank you for this VERY important project. I haven’t been so inspired by a film in a very long time. I am beginning to now understand my unique position in the world and my responsibility to use my standing as an American to bring healing and love to the rest of the world. That part of America that so many people around the world sense, that goodness, that hope, that incredable potential that I have, I want to give it to the world. I must give that to the world. I want to be the American that I was meant to be by the Creator…

  52. On January 29th, 2010 at 9:25 am, phil said:

    I think the United states needs to handle diplomacy like most of the rest of the world does. respect foreign countries and not try to be overbearing on them. I have lived abroad and have seen how negative American diplomacy can be, and this is not the diplomatic path we should be going down

  53. On January 29th, 2010 at 9:27 am, andrew said:

    i think america has alot of problem. dont get me wrong, i love my country, but we need to pull our head outta the sand and start to actually focus on the world outside of our own country.

  54. On January 29th, 2010 at 9:33 am, Nicodemus A O’Kelley said:

    The United States are what everyone and anyone thinks and knows to be true. Its horrible and wonderful at the same time. It done things that kick every human rights activist right in the head while also abolashing the “evil” of others with its pure holy power. I see the United States as I would a regular human. It tries to do whats right but sometimes just does not know how to do it properly.

  55. On February 19th, 2010 at 10:13 pm, Perri Salka said:

    I was truly touched by this film. I just watched it for the first time - found it on netflix. I have always thought about the question of what others in the world actually think of the united states - and I was extremely pleased but also filled with anxiety and questions about the responses that people around the world had to that question. I have always felt very small in the grand scheme of things and have wondered if it would ever be feasible for the whole world to unite under the “citizen of the world” type attitude. This documentary made me feel that it is possible. I for one, can NOT stand the US government. . . even now that Obama is president, I still dont feel like I can trust their policies and feel like they truly care about the fate of the american people. I mostly feel that our government is too concerned with the goings on of the rest of the world and looses focus on whats important for the growth of its own nation, on its own soil. I feel that this country is overwhelmed by all the wrong doing of our government … especially after 8 grueling years under the bush administration. I was 11 when Bush was put into office.. so the majority of my adolescent and early adult life I was living under his presidency and that greatly affected my ability to EVER trust another president, no matter what they say they will do for us. I want so badly to feel like I am a citizen of the world, but its very hard to feel that way when your own government doesn’t give a damn about what the american people want or feel. Its very hard to feel like my opinions matter in a global sense, when I dont feel like my own country has my back. I love the world, and I hope that because I am an American, it doesn’t hinder my acceptance in other peoples eyes around the world. Im sick of living in a country where we are perpetually lied to through the media and advertising… but the media especially. I feel that our government is so off balance and so out of touch with what is right for humanity.. that they forget that they are humans themselves. How can people do such cruel things to other people.. when the people making these decisions are people themselves. Its a weird sentence, but it makes sense to me. Just like the saying “treat others how you would want to be treated.” Our government has forgotten that saying.

  56. On March 6th, 2010 at 12:22 pm, Stacy Pari said:

    As an American, my opinion has changed greatly since 9/11. I was actually very upset with many of the violent ways our country is and has been, to the point of wanting to leave. I actually still am very concerned about these things, but now I never want to live in another country. At least this video is making it seem less dangerous to travel though. As far as the wars, and our “violent reputation” goes, well, I don’t want death. Most people around the world do not. But, we must defend ourselves from people who want to hurt us. That is the same for every person, in every home, in every country. If people threatened your house, you would want to keep them out, and a country is no different. However, we need to work with other countries more - in some sort of way that doesn’t take so many of our jobs away. We need to learn more about other countries, that much is for sure. Still, we are in a catch 22. If we stay out of other countries business, we are seen as uncaring, insensitive, rich, greedy;etc. If we try to help, we must be there for the oil, or power, or greed;etc. There is no way for us to just satisfy all people, just like there is no way for me to make everybody like me or approve of me. Rather than being arrogant about that, we need to try to embrace the positive. Your film showed that. It is also important for us to be able to agree to disagree. I don’t want to hear all negative, or all positive, since that would not be real. We need a balance, as citizens of this world, not just of this country, and we must be humble to the fact that we really are a very young nation. And like it or not, we are all on this planet as one family. All families disagree, and some truly despise each other. It is my dream that the love and the goodness in the families will prevail, as I know God wants for all His children.

  57. On March 6th, 2010 at 1:02 pm, Stacy Pari said:

    As far as consumerism goes, I do feel that our society in America is “consumed” by consumerism. We are constantly bombarded with the notion that what you have, what you look like, or who you know is what makes you worth something. It seems to only be getting worse. People step on each other, brothers, mothers, friends, everybody - to get to the top. But once they are there - many do not share. Many see no point in that. How would they have got there if they would have shared, I’ve heard many “rich” say. There are exceptions to that rule of course, but it seems rare. Many of the people in high positions of power, prestige and/or wealth, do not tolerate criticism well either; and accountability among many of the priviledged is quite laughable at times, if you choose to laugh instead of cry about it that is. We must have a dark sense of humor, and we must utilize sarcasm more and more in this crazy society. At least, that’s how I put up with a lot of the chaos, injustice and outright cruelty that seems to become more and more commonplace. It’s just hard to become a person of means, a person of power, to where you can “afford” the time and money to actually make a difference in this world. It’s not hard if you are not ethical and you learn to be cutthroat. In fact, it’s pretty damn easy if you put aside morals and just do whatever it takes to “succeed”. As you rise up in business, politics, even in religion, some of the most judgmental and uncaring people are there. We’re taught to just keep climbing to the top, stepping on whomever you need to, using whomever you must use. What for? Just so you have a bigger house than you need, more jewelry or tv’s;etc.? Or do people aspire to the top so they don’t have anybody above them telling them what to do, think or what have you? I personally want to get rich too - but I want to do so to help more people and to try to change things. NOT TO BE “BLING BLING”. Nice things are great, but nice, loving people are PRICELESS! There seems to be a growing opinion throughout the world that all Americans are selfish and shallow like this, and I blame that on the media and our acceptance of it. The daily news is filled with celebrities, as if they are God or Royalty or something. You don’t hear much about the other cultures in school, work, or what have you. If you even talk about serious world events in the wrong circles, you’re a “downer”. As if life is supposed to always be about just fun surface stuff or something. I don’t think we should be living in fear or be all super serious all the time, but we should be considering how lucky we are to have what we have, and we should remember that other countries and cultures are lucky to have things we don’t have too; i.e., a lack of consumerism and misplaced ideals for one. This country has so many good things, and thank God for those. But - I can’t forget how it was founded on the backs of slaves, and with the genocide of most of the Native Americans. That is a huge problem and an atrocity. We have issues with nations all around the globe, due to our government, our ancestors, or even our own faults as human beings; but also due to our prosperity, longer lives, power;etc. People are jealous of us, upset with us;etc. They say that “if you want friends, be poor, if you want success, you will have enemies.” Can’t there be a way to enhance the success of the world’s population, while minimizing the enemies and wars that come in that process of “climbing to the top”? Can’t we all work toward heaven on earth, instead of just building our own heaven and keeping everybody else out of it? I want America to be part of the world, not just in our own little world. It’s just hard to open up when you can’t trust people to be good. One evil person can do so much destruction, just look at Hitler, Saddom Hussein and countless others. We have to be on guard, while we build up our world. It’s not an easy balance, to say the least. One thing about America, is after the wars, we have a history of helping to rebuild. We also have a history of liberating and helping others. I want to focus on those good things about our people and our country, not the bad things. At times it sounds logical to knock down borders and cry “peace” with eveybody, but how do you have peace with people who do not like you, no matter what you do, say, fight for, die for, work for;etc.? I used to be a pacifist, but now it seems like war is as much a reality as an argument between a very happily married couple. Perhaps as a species, humans will evolve enough one day to move past that. It can only mean destruction for the human race if we continue to kill each other. I just don’t know when or how that time can come about. On a more hopeful note - it does seem that we Americans can work toward lessening wars as much as possible - to the point where we are working toward a sustainable and more harmonious life on this planet. We are a nation of leaders after all. Just look at how disasters bring countries, communities, and cities together. I just pray that it doesn’t take such a large one for the world to really, really come together, inspite of our differences. I firmly believe we need to do try to bring this world together as a whole, before massive destruction from either natural or supernatural or man made means comes upon us to make us do the right thing and help and love eachother. Well - that’s my 99 cents for the day. A girl can dream, right?? God be with us all, as we each walk our own path, may it be a path with heart…

  58. On March 20th, 2010 at 9:23 am, Melanie said:

    I knew that a lot of people did not like the US, but thought that they were more informed than they are. It appeared that they think we are all rich and we sit around twirling our mustaches trying to think of ways to take ove the world. The people in your film say that they dont want us to stick our noses in anyone elses business and in the same breath ask why were not helping someone! i agree with most of the opinions, lets worry about ourselves and no one else. We will take care of ourselves and they can take care of themselves. Stay out of our business and well stay our of yours. I agree that we should leave Iraq immediately, its not our problem. Why should our sons and daughters die for people that dont even want us there? I have always given to many charities, especially Africa, I will no longer do so. I will not give to any charity outside of the US and Isreal. It is one thing to voice your opinion of the US , but to act like we are trying to rule the world and control everyone is ridiculous. I was so shocked at how ignorant the rest of the world is about us. I really thought we were the ignorant ones and felt guilty about not being more informed about other cultures. I realized that I know more about their cultures than they know of mine. We are not all rich and have homes on MTV cribs! We dont drive mercedes and lexus. They get their information from MTV and McDonalds about America! They are ignorant! They were actually suprised that there were poor people in the US! only because they saw the criticizm of Katrina. Im sick of US bashing, if you have constructive , informed critisizm that is one thing, but to spew ignorance and then accuse us of it is ridiculous.

  59. On March 24th, 2010 at 12:40 pm, Tyler said:

    I feel we as americans think we are more “hated” around the world after watching this i found out that people don’t hate american people, they don’t like what our goverment does and neither do i. i didn’t like that fact that most places they went in the movie that we as americans were almost stripping countries of their culture, that is what makes them different and those are some of the things we can learn from each other if we can get past some of the “narrow thinking” here in america we need to be more open to other countries and hear what they have to say even if we don’t like it because we can learn from that. we also need to play a bigger part in our goverment so other countries keep their culture and so we don’t try to push our goverment on everyone that should stay here in america that is one thing that doesn’t need to travel across borders.

  60. On March 28th, 2010 at 10:40 pm, CJ said:

    I was born and grew up in america. I have only been out of my country 2 times, once to Canada and once to Mexico, although once I finish college I hope to travel all over the world for most of my life.

    I think most American’s are ignorant of any culture besides their own, they are close-minded and too many are racist/discriminatory. I think they tend to belittle people of other cultures. Especially after 9/11. They also can be egotistical, too focused on material goods, too commercialized, sometimes blindly patriotic. I also think our country is really paranoid, and focuses too much on violence and war, or at least we did. In truth, I am embarrased by the way my people think and act sometimes. I’ve heard of people who don’t even know where my state, Minnesota, is, and they live in this country! Fortunately, We are not all close-minded, and we do not all think the rest of the world should be like us. We do not all ignore other cultures, and refuse to learn about them and simply write them off as inferior…some of us do want to learn.

    I was very interested in watching this documentary when I read what it was about, and I’m very glad I did watch it. I had some sort of impression of what certain parts of the world thought of us before I watched it, and some of it seemed to be accurate, but I learned a lot. I was actually quite suprised about how positive some people’s views of America were, but there were a lot of people who pointed out the negative things as well, which I expected, and I would agree with a lot of what they said. It was also interesting to see the different places, and hear the peoples stories. It made me want to pack my bags and go see with my own eyes. Thank you for making this documentary, it was very interesting to watch, and I will probably be forcing my friends to watch it too. :] hehe.

  61. On April 9th, 2010 at 8:39 am, Sunflower Mama said:

    I am deeply concerned with the direction of this county. After watching the listening project, I realized my suspicions were correct. I am disgusted that we spend billions of dollars, tax payer dollars no less, to occupy countries where they don’t even want us there. Come home. Take care of us. Let those people care for themselves and do as they please. We have no right to push failed capitalism on the rest of the world. I fear for the future of the US.I fear for the future of our schools where thousands of teachers are losing their jobs due to lack of state and federal funding. I fear that with the passage of the health care bill we will not only see great tax increase, but bankruptcy which will force us to print more money and borrow from china whom we already owe billions. Our Government is out of control and had NO accountability. They are becoming something other than what our constitution dictates. I am very unhappy here. I believe we are headed for chaos. Anarchy. Cities are closing police departments because they can’t afford them.

    Wake up America! Like Rome, we are a fallen country. Nobody cares about us any more or our fate.

    We need to take our country back.. Period..

  62. On April 19th, 2010 at 2:05 pm, Keith said:

    Americans have many endeavoring qualities the world lacks, who is listening? Granted, no one likes a one world culture.

  63. On April 27th, 2010 at 4:14 pm, Ismita J. said:

    I am a typical American teen. Your documentary has moved me beyond anything I have ever seen in my life. I want all the people of the world to understand that our politicians do not represent us as a people. This documentary should be seen by everyone and anyone because it truly inspires us to change. I also feel like America has been made a scapegoat for many of the worlds problems and I know most of our interference is not welcomed. However we are all trying to change. The kids of my generation are the generation of tomorrow and we all want to be progressive and change the world. Our generation is coming to grips with the concept of globalization and I feel that we are ready for it. There is little animosity between us and the competition is not based on class or race but rather merit. I also feel like the blame we receive from almost all outside countries is justified at times. But are we the only ones to blame.

    Selfishly speaking, I do not want to carry the burden of the world on my shoulders and I feel like that is what most of my generation feels. We think that we have to solve every screw up and injustice that was caused by the previous generations. The feeling that many of us have is the feeling of being the sole defendant. I feel like we as Americans are alone in this struggle and it is just disheartening to think that we have committed injustice to the rest of the world.. Every single one of America’s actions is put on a microscope and we feel the pressure. We are trying to change and we want to change. All we want is a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world and actually interact with other countries without preset stereotypes. This has been a great leap forward in our common goal and I thank everyone involved in this documentary. I am trying to spread the word and actually trying to listen to what the world has to say because we have a lot to learn from different countries, people, and generations.

  64. On April 30th, 2010 at 1:35 am, 陈桔 said:

    Ancient philosophic thought of China said,
    theory that man is an integral part of nature.Do not try to change rule of world. With this conviction, the Chinese culture has survived generation after generation. Roman empire running out,because roman empire want to conquer the world.

  65. On April 30th, 2010 at 9:34 am, 陈建川(alex.chan) said:

    it’s just hard to like American .yes,it’s a rich ,well-developed country,and people are having a good life there,that’s what we are pursuing for .but i hate the way you reported about us,about our country , i hate CNN. Does this makes you Americans feel better or proud? to mislead your people ,to desecrate other countries? come to China ,come to Tibet ,see everything with your own eyes ,then you will know the messages you got from TV/newspapers are not true .

  66. On April 30th, 2010 at 6:58 pm, sandyfish said:

    well,sometimes we think we are the citizen of the world,you reall do also,americans thing that they are the citizens of the world.but we can see the things on the other side,as the americans are the world citizen while they have the biggest power, they begin want to control the whold world as they control their country,they did the wrong tings,they should make the image of the peace not the war,the have the possibility the spread the freedom,democracy,love to our world.

  67. On May 1st, 2010 at 3:13 am, zhang ximin said:

    i love a lot of things of america,like movies,freedom,microsoft,etc,i think american are so smart and most american are good people,but i hate bush,because i hate war,all though i was born in peaceful year,but i hope war will never happen to china again and i hope china will never make war to other countries no matter for what.i love american movies because i learn american people love peace from movies

  68. On May 1st, 2010 at 3:20 am, zhang ximin said:

    btw,i love disney very very much,when i was a kid,i thought disney was america,and i wanted to be there oneday to find my dream.i wonder if america is my dream gardern,hope i will not disapoint if someday when i be there.

  69. On May 1st, 2010 at 3:23 am, zhang ximin said:

    and i hope oneday the whole world will become one family,no hate,no war,no poor,no rasist,we are all neighbors.we only help each other,and no revenge.

  70. On May 1st, 2010 at 4:13 am, TianLong said:

    I think The US is a freedom country,like the people said we are brothers.and the US government absolutely did some good things and terrible things。

  71. On May 1st, 2010 at 5:47 am, Han Xing said:

    United States is very strong.American cultural influence other countries. Particularly young

    people.I do not know why the United States often attack other countries.do consider the

    safety of Americans Or for oil.I dont know.I only know when the every government policy that they first consider the interests of their country.Of course,Most Americans are friendly.

  72. On May 1st, 2010 at 6:24 am, sunny said:

    America is a complicated country.As a young Chinese,I don’t hate it or like it.But I want to go to the country for that it means more chances for a better life.And finally I have to go back to my hometown,because US is not my home,where I could’t get the feeling of a family.What’s more,I don’t agree with many actions the American government took,such as wars,critism about other countrise without any reasons.America is a good palce,but it is the best palce in the world.

  73. On May 1st, 2010 at 10:52 am, Dwayne Cole said:

    The film I found very interesting and informative. When will a follow-up film be made? I would like to be kept abreast of upcoming projects if possible.

  74. On May 1st, 2010 at 1:36 pm, mayoulin said:

    America is powerful ,but it is not so powerful that whole the world must listen to she !the say “we love peace ” one side ,and make war in the undevelopment contry for stealing oil oil ,land and so on ,on other sides .

  75. On May 1st, 2010 at 11:13 pm, 黄宗铭 said:

    I think the US is a very freedom country ,i like it very much.

  76. On May 1st, 2010 at 11:24 pm, Wu Hao said:

    I think the USA is a great country, but it needs to learn more from China or East Asia, for example the healthy food, the relationship between people, and democracy is not the panacea for all things. Chinese people do not need American democracy, we only need our own way of life.

  77. On May 1st, 2010 at 11:33 pm, Wu Hao said:

    I think the USA is a great country, but it has learn more from East Asia especially China. Democracy is not the panacea for all things and all countries. American democracy brings a lot of problems for the world and for American people. Do not push American way of life and democracy to other countries, because their ways of life are not worse than the American way. Not all the problems from the US government, they from the American people. Wish more and more American people can know the other countries, and know more truth.

  78. On May 1st, 2010 at 11:40 pm, Huang said:

    We Chinese people need to learn American politice,in particular,the education!WE chinese students hate our country”s education at all.The government in China is
    Corrupt,we hate our government.bacause let me tell you the truth,the richest people is not Bill Gate ,is Chinese leader.We ordinary people is poor.but the government is too rich,we cant tall,we cant express our feeling.We dont have Human Right.Through TV,you ,the US,just have seen the boom China,not the real China.I really want to leave China ,go to American.

  79. On May 2nd, 2010 at 12:56 am, Jessica said:

    Firstly I really admire this documentary film and the great efforts all you have done.It is a national film to be worth seeing not only US ppl but also all the world person.Now that the whole world in the earth is becoming a big community,and the co-operation and mutual influence is growing more and more.We are must open our mind,consider the sustainable development for all over the world for the long-term.As me,America is the king of the world presently,it has the most resource and advantage.But all resources are originally from the great nature which ask us to live in peace and harmoney with nature.Only keeping the balance we can be growing up for the whole.

  80. On May 2nd, 2010 at 2:20 am, Li dapu said:

    i’m not good at english,but i like your film,when you come to china you can call me if you need help.
    best wishes to you.

  81. On May 2nd, 2010 at 9:15 am, Liu Liu said:

    Hi!i just watched the film,but i think Gary’s opinion can not represent chinese young generation’s opinion.even interviewer didnt look and listen china carefully.i am 28 year’s old,i grew up with American cartoon,food,pop art,music…american in our life but we still keep our independent thoughts and status,if the director can listen china as Israel and Africa would be better!thanks!

  82. On May 3rd, 2010 at 1:03 am, WongHao said:

    America is the most powerfull country on the world and the USA are free and democracy. and America culture are influence all over the world.i like us. But US also doing something wrong just like the war on the iraq and afghanistan.they kill people and destory theyr’s house. I believe that there are nothing wrong with american people and iraq people,we are all human with love senstive and humanity. there are all polician doing wrong. but as chinese old saying that the more power you have the more responsbility you have as well as criticze. The fact is there are more security below america domination is better than other nondemoncracy country.

  83. On May 3rd, 2010 at 2:13 pm, Jennet Recendez said:

    Mostly all the comments I’ve read in this website was about the government is hiden all the bad actions, I AGREE!
    WE DO NEED NEW LEADERS! Our nation eventually is going to crash! Thanks for creating this video. so far you guys are the only ones that i know that had created a video that really speaks the truth!! Thank you guys very much! i believe that this viedo should be shown for the young viewers to the new leaders(the young). because we are the ones who need to see the truth. please contact me, beacuse i want to know how could i show this at my high school. I’m 17 years old, Hispanic and very intersting to learn not U.S history but other cultures.

  84. On May 9th, 2010 at 3:06 am, Jack De Feo said:

    May I have your permission to air the film on my cable access channel to promote it and continue the dialogue.

  85. On May 9th, 2010 at 3:08 am, Jack De Feo said:

    May I have your permission to air your film on my cable access channel to promote and continue the dialogue.

  86. On May 10th, 2010 at 12:44 am, Greg Darr said:

    Five years ago I filed a complaint against an employer through the U.S. Dept. of Labor. It was because the employer violated my access to the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 (Title VII of the the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    While the DOL confirmed the employer DID violate the FMLA, they refused to include most the evidence in my favor and only carried out a “Limited investigation”.

    Doing research on my own revealed:
    • An obvious conflict of interest existed during Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao’s reign and her responsibility under oath to enforce our federal labor laws. While she served as Sec. of Labor, she sat on the corporate board of directors of Dole Foods, Clorox and two healthcare companies, C.R. Bard Inc. and HCA Inc. {Healthcare Corporation of America].
    • Sec. Chao’s husband was also the wife of Senator Mitch McConnell, R – Kentucky, giving her access to the President and the Republican majority voting Congress.
    • My employer’s parent company gave millions of dollars to Washington, D.C. lobbying firms. Between 1998 and 2004 they spent over $2.7 million to influential Washington, D.C. lobbyists under three different client names.
    • My employer’s pricipal lobbyist had been a prior Republican Staff Director of a U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee. He had the responsibility for federal spending in excess of $330 billion for all federal programs in the U.S. Dept. of Health, the U.S. Dept. of Education and the U.S. Dept. of Labor, which included all of its training programs. This lobbyist’s ties within the Washington world of politics must be immeasurable.
    • $1.6 million of the total lobbying budget was spent to this lobbyist. Obviously they can achieve the influence that gets them out of legal problems with the government.

    Further I discovered:

    Three studies that indicate there has been a persistent pattern of the lack of enforcement and failure by the DOL W&H Div., dating back to 1975 and a correlation between corporate lobbying and delaying the detection of their fraud :

    1) A study by the NYU Law School Brennan Center for Justice in September 2005 compiled DOL Wage and Hour Division figures for 1975 – 2004 and concluded from the data:
    • The number of DOL W&H Investigators has declined by 14%
    • The number of compliance actions declined by 36%
    • The total of back wages assessed by the DOL grew by only 7%
    • The number of workers due to receive back wages declined by 24%
    • During 1975-2004 the number of workers covered by W&H laws grew by 55% and the number of covered employers grew by 112%

    2) Additionally two reports concerning the DOL Wage & Hour Division by the Government Accountability Office [GAO] on July 15, 2008 seemed to confirm persistent problems at the DOL:
    • GAO-08-962T: Fair Labor Standards Act - Better Use of DOL Available Resources and Consistent Reporting Could Improve Compliance

    • GAO-08-973T: Department of Labor – Case Studies From Ongoing Work Show Examples in Which Wage and Hour Division Did Not Adequately Pursue Labor Violations

    3) An academic paper entitled Corporate Lobbying and Fraud Detection written by Frank Yu of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and Xiaoyun Yu of the Indiana University Kelly School of Business in December 2006 in studying corporate lobbying data between 1998 and 2004 concludes:
    • Fraudulent firms spend more on lobbying than do firms not involved in fraud.
    • Fraudulent firms spend more on lobbying during their fraud periods than during their non-fraud periods.
    • Compared to non-lobbying firms, lobbying fraudulent firms evade detection 113 days longer and are 42% less likely to be detected by regulators.
    • This delay in detection helps to postpone any negative market reaction

    Further I replied to the head of enforcement at the DOL in San Francisco, when he tried to justify their handling of their investigation:

    I contacted the President of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States and the Federal Bureau of Investigation because I don’t trust the DOL W&H Div. after I examined the documents you sent me. When I requested “all the documents that could be released to me” through a FOIA request, I received no copies of any actual internal documents, only a DOL created three page summary full of misinformation. Trusting the DOL W&H Div. to investigate its own internal corruption, incompetence, mistakes, flawed investigations and its fabricated FOIA documents is like asking Bernard Madoff to audit his own Ponzi scheme.”

    “What good does a W&H Div. limited investigation do to defend a citizen’s labor rights Mr. “X”? It only allows the employer to not face the full brunt of its illegal actions by omitting the evidence of their guilt. Why does the DOL bother to operate a website explaining FMLA rights to the public if they can be coerced into dropping investigations by the corporate arm twisting of the perpetrators themselves? Is the DOL now above making examples of offenders by documenting the total nature of their violations? Are corporations now allowed to dictate law, avoid accountability and control the DOL Mr. “X”? ”

    “The DOL has remained silent to my persistent questions and must be covering up for AHW and itself in my complaint. How can you honestly admit you have reviewed my case at the request of President Obama without including all the evidence or explain the numerous DOL mistakes and questionable investigation? The DOL bias in favor of “X” [and maybe all corporations] is obvious. Didn’t I mention that Labor Secretary Elaine Chao (at the time of this complaint) was paid to sit on the board of directors of two healthcare corporations, C.R. Bard and the Healthcare Corporation of America? When the DOL denied me my day in court you facilitated and validated “X’s” dubious business practices and rewarded their FMLA violation.”

    ” I hope that the DOJ and the FBI can and will explain:

    • The fraudulent and illogical investigative methods of the DOL W&H Div. to not collect and utilize all the evidence in a case
    • Why the DOL would choose to knowingly perjure itself by fabricating a FOIA release with false information, instead of just sharing copies of its own original documents in the case?
    • Why the DOL is reluctant to reveal exactly what transpired between the DOL and “X”in this complaint
    • Why the DOL W&H Div. during the tenure of Sec. of Labor Elaine Chao was above accountability, the law and can do no wrong ”

    This is one thing that is wrong with America & its government. The failure to follow through and hold corporations accountable for violations of our labor laws.

  87. On May 21st, 2010 at 5:21 am, Lana said:

    As we all know,America is the best developed country in the wodld by now.As far as I am concerned,a plenty of people envy the American people. Virtually,we need to judge it properly. We can learn many things from different aspects of the United States. Meanwhile,there’re still lots of things the american government need to change. Because it does cause some serious problems all around the whole world. I do like the phrase’citizens of the planet’. This is surely to become true! I believe!Come on ! EVERYBODY!

  88. On June 17th, 2010 at 12:40 am, Jamie said:

    In America we claim to be a Democracy, we promote this way of life, this idea of freedom; Yet we are a “Hitler” to the rest of the world.

  89. On June 28th, 2010 at 10:50 pm, Cristina Vasquez said:

    I am a 16 year old American citizen but I am also a third-culture kid. For many who don’t know, this means that I am of one country, but do not reside in the my country of citizenship, therefore forming a culture of two or more mixed countries.

    My step-dad, being in the military, has dragged us to many different places. I have lived in over 7 different states and now have lived in 3 countries on three different continents, America, Japan and, currently, Italy. With all of this I have a perspective unlike most. I see the world as an American, but also as an un-American. Americans are entirely too considered with greed. We only look outside of ourselves for gain, and the people of other countries notice.

    The Japanese protest the American bases in Japan, telling us to leave because we corrupt their own beliefs and traditions. The Italians find us obnoxious and instigators. However, once everyone looks past our own nationalities, we see that we are not obnoxious or unfriendly, but we are human and we have the ability to be kind. Others can see our love and unity and be inspired, they do have the ability to love us for what we stand for, not what we want.

    America may do things for the wrong reasons, but many Americans- we try our best to reach other people by heart, not by reason. And so, Americans only need to reach out more by heart instead of the government, because then, and only then, do the others notice.

  90. On July 5th, 2010 at 3:26 pm, juneway said:

    Note & Learn this american,TIBET is a part of china since over 500 years ago,just like texas stage in usa,it is not the way you see in the west media, maybe you think i’m wrong but try to imaging IF texas is independent !? & what’s going to happen…& you will not let that happen because is TERRIBLE !!!!!!! ( but you did the same thing in russia…..) that’s horrible.

  91. On July 7th, 2010 at 12:48 pm, Ranco said:

    American goverment doesn’t represent their people. WE appriciate american culture, but we hate america started so many wars in the world, that’s some big problem that america should face and fix!

  92. On July 8th, 2010 at 11:49 am, Jenny ZHANG said:

    I believe Americans are mostly nice, but not the Goverment. They should mind their own business rather than “caring” about other countries’ internal affairs. The US gov always stress human right, democracy…ect, but what exactly is the humanity situation there in the states? I don’t know anr I doubt that. Perhaps they are too arrogant, self-centred. Like Tibet issues, do they really know Tibet before they call out “free tibet”? It hurts the Chinese, indeed it hurts. Anyway, that is a bygone question. What I wanted to say is we are a woorld and we are a family. Why not try to understand other countries and be peaceful?

  93. On July 14th, 2010 at 12:04 am, madeline said:

    we took over this land from the indigenous folks, dragged folks from africa to work for nothing. there are loads of people with great goodness, but there may be a lot of ignorance about where all our wealth and privelege come from, like gasoline for three dollars a gallon, and yet many of us live beholden to corporate rule without realizing that we can live differently

  94. On August 17th, 2010 at 8:26 pm, Zach McManus said:

    The majority of so called Americans are poor, undereducated, and waiting in line for cancer. They are victims of an “easy” culture that poisons them mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is time that we all aknowledge and face the real enemies of humanity: the money powers of the world, in every country. Otherwise, no one will ever be free. It is important to remember that a person is only as free as their environment will permit. So in reality, how is a person in poverty free at all? What good is an abundance of “cheap” food if it is cancerous, and demoralizing to those who consume it? I often ask myself if this is really what the people of the world want, but the answer is obviously no. They desire the idea of America, but they have only the slightest idea of how our own power preys upon us.

  95. On August 18th, 2010 at 11:01 am, Chad360 said:

    I just watched this film. It was one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. So much so I blogged about it. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=39495412&blogId=538347253&actp=n%2b0prKAebczfG13CmB%2fL170xxzjSK8k%2f19igSi%2f1c3vFrKSdG4VwAe0JTCVeV1%2bSGyWHazl1pr5llc8tLJ1AQXXzLDexzuM%2f9BGZkNIcpz2vD%2bzHeYkuU0OJxU0tBGzC5nagLGSsw8yxPJaY6glpkjmcEqBAtjcwDNVu7KEniDrelHXpyB0I9QXeuJnvoQYodpOQcLoHoA9n4abvOra2iGUrbKFehtF9fGggIiSsSKHxCm3xcbSp39zb1ETFBvRj
    I can honestly say, I am changed because of this film.

  96. On September 28th, 2010 at 10:50 pm, Brad G said:

    Intriguing film…should try it as a ‘Candid Camera’ routine at the local morning ‘coffee klatch’ to get the real story…too many ‘politicians’ on camera in public. Regardless, nice production, and GREAT music! Any chance of a soundtrack for the works other than Tibbetts’? That last peice leading into the credits was outstanding! Please let me know…Brad

  97. On October 15th, 2010 at 12:32 am, Chelsea Price said:

    I just finished The Listening Project, I came across it in the library and I hope more people hear about this film. My frustration is that so many Americans prefer ignorance to awareness so they feel better about not doing anything positive to help our neighbors across the globe… so they won’t watch this film. I have been fortunate to have been traveling the earth for the past ten years, and the most irritating Americans I know are the ones who have never set a foot outside this country. They believe such lies as, Mexicans are lazy, French are snobs, Canadians are pansies, Muslims are terrorists. It really makes me want to vomit. Every great empire in history has reach a point of such greed and evil that it cannot survive. We are next, and frankly, I can’t wait.

  98. On November 18th, 2010 at 10:46 pm, Deborah said:

    I just want to gather all the world leaders and collectively shake them by their shoulders, stomp my foot and say “FREAKIN CUT IT OUT ALREADY”. So tired of individual lives being affected by their ignorant partisan decision making… grrrr… well i feel better now… thanks, awesome film…

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