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Like everywhere else we went, in Tanzania we spoke (and listened) to people from all walks of life about their views of the United States. Around Arusha, several people mentioned an American we should talk to, a guy named Pete O’Neal who had been living in Tanzania for over 30 years. It didn’t make sense to spend much time on an American in the film but we enjoyed our conversations so much that we’re posting some outtakes here:

Pete O’Neal in Tanzania

Pete O’Neal (b. Felix “Pete” O’Neal, Jr., 1940) was the chairman of the Kansas City chapter of the Black Panther Party. On October 30th, 1969, he was arrested for the transporting of a gun across state lines (under a law implemented only two weeks prior to his arrest). He fled to Algeria, and then to Tanzania, where he still lives in exile. Together with his wife, Charlotte, he is the co-founder of the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) in the village of Imbaseni, near the northern city of Arusha, Tanzania. The UAACC is a center focusing on empowering the community by providing a diverse array of programs including free classes in art, music, literature, film, athletics, computers, HIV/AIDS education and more. Watch Part II of our video with Pete O’Neal.

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